One of the greatest assets families have is the collective stories that make up their family history. After a person passes, the mark the individual left on the world is what is represented their legacy. The lessons learned and stories from their life are what weave together to write their living legacy.

Why Preserve Your Living Legacy?

The deepest and most meaningful relationships we have are those with our family. They are the first relationships we form in our lives. And they are also the ones we return to again and again throughout our life for guidance, support, and unconditional love.

Imagine being able to leave behind gentle guidance to your granddaughter that she can turn to throughout her life. Or having the ability to leave a moment of laughter for your daughter to lean on during times of struggles. Because no one else can connect with them like you, this is what documenting your legacy will allow you to do.

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There are several ways you can create your living legacy:

  • document your experiences in a journal
  • create personalized letters for each member of your family
  • capture your stories in a memory book
  • tell your stories personally through video

Capturing your life experiences through your story leaves a roadmap of guidance for your family. When it is told in your own voice and words, it also leaves a piece of you with your family forever. Taking action to capture your living legacy now will ensure you are able to contribute and guide many generations of your family for years to come.

How to Preserve Your Living Legacy

Don’t leave your legacy to oral tradition. Oral tradition leaves too much to chance. Because your stories and guidance are important, tell your story yourself. Create your living legacy by capturing your story today.

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