Legacy Video Memoir

Are the valuable momentos we collect in life more important than the values?

About The Legacy Video Memoir

Through interviews with a certified StoryKeeper, you or your loved one can tell the story behind family photos, keepsakes, heirlooms, and more.

Legacy Video Memoir is a professionally produced and edited video memoir that captures the emotion, unique dialect, and voice of your loved one.

It provides a method to transfer the wisdom, life lessons, and habits of success to future generations.

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Multigenerational Family, Grandmother, Mother, and Daughter

A Legacy Video Memoir™ is a great opportunity to remember the special moments in your life and feel a renewed sense of purpose.

It’s easy  to tell a story about a photo or heirloom that has special meaning. It also gives your family a way to remember your stories as told by the person who lived them.

The Legacy Stories videographer could conduct the interview remotely via zoom. If there is a professional videographer locally, they could come to your location.

You can choose 5 to 15 photos and share brief stories about these pictures.  We will coach and prepare you for the interview.  The result is a 15 to 20-minute video that preserves your family legacy.

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You deserve to be a star with lights, camera, and action.  You can share the costs of a Legacy Video Memoir with others in your family to make this an affordable, yet priceless family history.

Remote InterviewOnsite Interview
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