Legacy Video Memoir

Are the valuable momentos we collect in life more important than the values?

About The Legacy Video Memoir

Through interviews with a certified StoryKeeper, your loved one can tell the story behind family photos, keepsakes, heirlooms, and more.

Legacy Video Memoir is a professionally produced and edited video memoir that captures the emotion, unique dialect, and voice of your loved one.

It provides a method to transfer the wisdom, life lessons, and habits of success to future generations.

Buy Now: Remote Interview $1,449 | Onsite Interview $1,890

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Multigenerational Family, Grandmother, Mother, and Daughter

A Legacy Video Memoir™ is a great opportunity to help your loved one remember the special moments in their life and give them a renewed sense of purpose.

It’s easy for someone to tell a story about a photo or heirloom that has special meaning to them. It also gives your family a way to ensure their family stories aren’t just words but told by the person who lived them.

The Legacy Stories videographer could conduct the interview remotely via zoom. If there is a professional videographer locally, they could come to your location.

Your loved one selects 5 to 15 photos and shares brief stories about these pictures. The result is a 15 to 20-minute video that preserves your family legacy.

Remote InterviewOnsite Interview

Your loved one deserves to be a star with lights, camera, and action. You can share the costs of a Legacy Video Memoir with others in your family to make this an affordable, yet priceless family history.

Remote InterviewOnsite Interview
Advocate Interviewing Client


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