Retention & Referral Program

Helping clients identify, tell & save the family story
means a stronger, trusted connection to you!

The 4-STEP R&R Program delivers these
client retention and referral benefits:

For Your Practice..

        • Add values to valuables in your ‘holistic estate plans’

        • Secure intergenerational client loyalty

        • Minimize family enterprise succession conflicts

        • Generate enthusiastic referrals

        • 42-minute learning curve & easy implementation

        • Deliver immense value-add at low-cost

        • Competitor-proof differentiation

For Your Clients..

        • Start a conversation your A-list clients have waited for with a recorded Legacy Talk interview

        • Continue building the family narrative with a complementary LegacyMaker Portfolio

        • Engage heirs and relatives in the conversation with the Legacy Stories Handbook

        • Trusted advisor for guidance and monitoring progress

        • Experience profound joy as family stories are shared

        • Create a durable legacy that thrives for generations

Record a 'Legacy Talk'

When you know a client’s 8 core values you earn 100% of their business and 4.1 Introductions!

(Source: Client Relationship Study by Forbes Writer, Russ Alan Prince)

The first step in the Retention & Referral (R&R) Program is to record a Legacy Talk. This is not your typical Q&A about a client’s family or business history. Our proprietary interview process elicits your clients’ values system and delivers a priceless legacy asset on a monogrammed thumb drive.

(8 core values=100% of business + 4.1 introductions)

Our unique methodology was developed over a 5-year period while training 5000+ eldercare providers, wealth managers and estate planners.

Now you can acquire this valuable skill by learning…..

  • the 4 stages of an effective Legacy Talk interview

  • the right questions to elicit values and life lessons

  • how to record the interview for posterity

  • the ‘aha’ moment that transforms your relationship

  • how to provide a path forward to create the family narrative

You’ll also get…

  • Tutorials to learn the entire process in only 42-minutes

  • Legacy Talk and Legacy Succession interview questionnaires

  • Sample copy for Legacy Talk invitations..and more!

Provide a path forward

We’ll remove you from any burden of support in the platform with our own live chat, email and video tutorials. LegacyMakers enjoy these lifetime features…

  • Unlimited multi-media stories and chapters

  • Unlimited narrated legacy photos and slideshows

  • Unlimited audio recordings and playlists

  • Unlimited legacy groups to join or create

  • Mentor Center video tutorials for convenient learning

  • Legacy Trustee section for authorized access

  • Separate connect networks for Family and Friends

  • 5 content viewing options: Private, Family, Friends, Family & Friends or Public…(published in the archives for family history research and to enrich us all.

  • Encrypted security on the Amazon cloud with triple redundancy backup …and much, much more!

Recording a Legacy Talk is only the first step in building the family narrative. Now what?

STEP 2 in the R&R Program gives the client and family members a path forward with a complementary LegacyMaker Portfolio in the platform, a secure online repository to write, record, curate, preserve and share the family narrative.

Every time you ‘gift’ a lifetime LegacyMaker Portfolio you strengthen client loyalty, which encourages more business, referrals and retention, all of which translates to a heftier and a more secure bottom line.

Just watch a few short video tutorials and you’ll be fluent enough to register clients, upload their Legacy Talk recordings, and show the Legacy Trustee how to take over with your monitoring.

Better still, you’ll pay less than 10% of retail for LegacyMaker Portfolios with your R&R Program license.

Can you think of a better low cost, high value-add benefit for your clients that makes a real difference to their family and your bank account?

Meet the family

STEP 3 in the R&R Program gets family members involved in the process, where you’ll meet new potential clients and establish intergenerational relationships.

One of the most valuable documents your clients need in their estate plan, the Legacy Stories Handbook makes it easy for heirs and relatives to gather stories and identify legacy assets with…

Legacy Questions– Select from over 230 legacy questions categorized by ancestors, childhood, teen years, young adult, marriage and family, business and career, faith and spirituality, wisdom, and a special section for veterans.

Legacy Asset Checklist- Most of our special memories have been captured in family photos or saved as keepsakes. Reminiscing with these legacy assets takes the stress out of storytelling, and the checklist helps you easily identify them.

Ethical Will- Write an Ethical Will with ‘legacy letter’ templates including, To My Children, To My Family, What I Am Most Grateful For, Causes I support, and others.

Interview & Recording Tips- Learn how to conduct an engaging interview, considering the teller’s personality type, room setup, and much more!

To remind family members who gave them the priceless gift of legacy we’ll print your personal welcome message, photo, company logo and contact information on the inside cover.


STEP 4 of the R&R Program puts everything together and starts the ball rolling with private ImpleMentor web sessions….scheduled at your convenience. 

Here’s where you take advantage of our decade+ of experience in the legacy space. Our tools and process is so simple to learn and deploy that many people don’t think they need additional coaching. That said, they don’t know what they’re missing!

In your ImpleMentor web sessions we’ll help you fast track results with a strategic plan that sets you on a clear path to success…..without encumbering your normal transactional priorities. 

After your initial orientation, we can help transform your practice in myriad ways yet to be revealed. You’ll never be alone and you can always reach us by email, live chat and phone.

In short, we’ll be your firm’s legacy department that perfectly complements whatever client communication platform you now have in place. You can even use your ImpleMentor sessions to have us introduce or guide your clients in the archive, or help them in any other way. It’s entirely up to you!

Meet the Founders


Dennis is a former Senior VP-Branch Manager for UBS/PaineWebber. Over a career spanning nearly 20 years, Dennis worked with a network of professionals in Estate Planning, Accounting, Insurance among other disciplines focused on complex intergenerational wealth planning.

Recognizing the failure rate of Succession Planning had more to do with human nature faults than structural / organizational defects, he co-founded the Living Legacy Project to seek a solution to passing on family values.

He created the StoryKeeper Guidebook and the Family StoryKeeper Course in 2003. His course has been used in over 800 Hospices, Home Care, Assisted Living and Veterans communities. He trained more than 5,000 volunteers and students to perform the role of StoryKeepers in their respective niches. This work was the genesis of the Living Legacy Project today.


Tom co-founded the Living Legacy Project, the International Assoc. of StoryKeepers (I ASK) and This endeavor follows his preservation of a vintage mountain village in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains while recording the oral histories of its elder residents.

Tom pioneered the first infotainment radio show as host of Let’s Talk America, which aired on over 450 radio stations in the U.S. and Canada, espousing the message of personal achievement.

Tom produces the groundbreaking Legacy Café Podcast, and developed the Legacy Talk Digest, the Family Legacy Coaching System and is a nationally acclaimed expert in the legacy space.

A Marine Corps Viet Nam veteran and serial entrepreneur, Tom has been married to the most patient wife ever for 49 years. He possesses a wealth of expertise in web design, marketing, coaching, technology, product and business development.

Remote or field presentations & training

An emerging legacy wave is coming ashore so it’s the perfect time for the founders to speak at your next regional or national conference. While there, we’ll be happy to do a hands-on workshop.

Moreover, we’ll even conduct a Legacy Talk interview for your A-list clients remotely or in-person. And….having the leaders of the new legacy industry speak at your client appreciation event will certainly impress your audience.

Let’s get on each others’ calendars sooner than later!

Call 423-295-5904.

Featured Clients and Partners

As boomers enter their 'legacy years'
demand for legacy guidance is rapidly increasing

Take a look at this survey by the Allianz Academy of Legacies.

When boomers were asked to prioritize their inheritance assets they clearly prefer passing down family stories and life lessons over financial assets. Yet, very few have added the these legacy assets to their estate plan.

This presents a well-timed opportunity to offer first step guidance that builds trust, loyalty and expands your client base!

If you want to add immeasurable value to your practice , now it the time!

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