Family StoryKeeper Program

Increase Family Visits, Improve Brain Cognition,
Referrals, Retention and Revenue
...Without Burdening Staff!

How it Works!

1.  We give a FREE workshop to your Residents, their family, and your referral sources on the benefits of reminiscing.

2.  Residents/Family can sign up for StoryKeeper services.

3.  Certified StoryKeeper interviews and produces the family heirloom.

4. Senior Care community shares revenue on StoryKeeper services

Benefits of Reminiscing

1. Preserves Family History

Seniors who recount past experiences can pass on valuable memories for future generations.  Plus, reminiscing about days gone by can bring families closer together.

2. Helps Improve Quality of Life

Seniors who reminisce may show improved outlooks on life. After remembering happy memories, seniors are often brighter and smile more.

3. Reduces Symptoms of Depression

Reminiscence therapy is often used for patients with dementia and depression.

4. Promotes Physical Health

In a study involving 144 elders, it was found during activities involving reminiscing, seniors reported an improvement in mood, lower blood pressure, and cognition.

8. Strengthens Family Relations

Conversations go from shallow to emotional and more connected.

5. Reduces Stress

Legacy Letters improve relationships and provide a sense of value.  Helps resolve issues from the past and reduces stress.

6. Eliminates Boredom

Memories can provide laughter and entertainment for seniors, their family members, and caregivers.

Laughter is the best medicine!

7. Improves Communication Skills

Research shows as seniors remember the past, new pathways form in the brain that help with communication.

Based on:

StoryKeeper Services

Family Story Saver™

Talking Photos Momento™

Family Story Saver

Each person has a precious gift that no amount of money can buy – the memories of the special people and events that have shaped the course of their life and made them  a unique individual !

The client may talk by phone, Zoom video chat, or in-person.  Their memories will be saved in a spiral-bound booklet their loved ones will treasure.

The package includes a one hour session with a Certified Legacy StoryKeeper, guidance on preparing and selecting photos, the transcribed story, and a Family Story Saver book with 1 – 5 selected photos, and their voice recording on a USB thumb drive.  The family pays for the Story Saver.

Remote Interview

In person Interview

Talking Photos Momento™

A Certified StoryKeeper conducts a series of interviews to record a resident’s family stories while reminiscing with family photos, keepsakes and heirlooms.  The result is a video Talking Photos Momento™ that captures the voice, personality and unique dialect of the resident.

The sessions give residents a renewed sense of purpose, and improves their psychological well-being.

In addition, a Talking Photos Momento™ is a priceless treasure shared with the family and younger generations.  The fee paid by the family is:

Remote Interviews
In Person Interviews $1890

Hosting Senior Community earns a Referral Fee!


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