Family Story System

When you know a client's 8 core values you earn
100% of their business and 4.1 introductions!

(Source: Client Relationship Study by Forbes Writer, Russ Alan Prince)

Family values are found in family stories
and families want the stories!

Take a look at this survey by the Allianz Academy of Legacies.

When boomers and their parents were asked to prioritize their inheritance priorities, family stories top the list by a large margin. Yet, very few have made provisions for this in their estate plan.

This presents a well-timed opportunity to offer first-step guidance that builds trust, loyalty and expands your client base!

We give financial professionals the tools to
acquire, enrich and retain clients
by starting the family narrative!

Simple 3-Step Process

Recorded Legacy Talk
with Advisor & Client
(Mr. Jones)

Recording sent to the
Jones Family StoryVault in
The Living Legacy Project

The Jones family StoryKeeper
gathers content & sends
to the Jones StoryVault

Record a 'Legacy Talk'

If you want to quickly learn your clients'
values system, have a Legacy Talk!

Our proprietary Legacy Talk interview method elicits your clients’ values system, and delivers a legacy asset that starts building the family narrative.

Our interview process was formulated from 12 years of field testing with 5000+ eldercare providers, wealth managers and estate planners.

You’ll get…

  • Exclusive 4-stage Legacy Talk  interview questionnaire

  • Video tutorials to learn our process in only 42 minutes

  • Business Succession interview questionnaire

  • Sample copy for Legacy Talk invitations..and more!

"Your interview process has been quite an eye-opening experience.
I'm even more of a believer now!"

Anne H. (Estate Planner)

Provide a path forward

Recording a Legacy Talk is only the first step in building the family narrative. Now what?

STEP 2 gives the client and family members a path forward with a lifetime StoryVault account in the platform, a secure online repository to write, record, curate, preserve and share the family narrative. is the official archive of the Living Legacy Project, recognized around the world as the premiere platform for uniting families to build the family narrative…..together!

Your Family Story System comes with unlimited lifetime StoryVault accounts….at no cost to your clients!

"These Story Vaults are really hitting the mark.
Much appreciated by my clients and their families."

James E. (Wealth Manager)

Meet the Family StoryKeeper

So now your clients have a lifetime StoryVault account with the first recording uploaded. But they all have very busy lives so what next? 

Step-3 assures the process continues by engaging the Family StoryKeeper who’ll use the Legacy Stories Handbook to gather stories, identify legacy assets, and fill the StoryVault with priceless content.

Whether a sibling, niece or cousin, about every family has a storykeeper, genealogist or historian. He or she will be honored to take on the role of collecting stories, and introduce you to family members in the process! We’ll show them how for you.

With your Family Story System you’ll get unlimited print-ready Legacy Stories Handbooks and a custom URL to share a digital ‘flipbook’ version. And….we’ll print your welcome message, photo, company logo and contact information on the inside cover.

"Thank you Dad for giving me the honor of collecting and preserving the family story"

Susan M. (Family StoryKeeper)

Everybody Wins!

Family Benefits

Pass down wisdom with wealth

Unify family with a purpose 

Appreciate family’s uniqueness 

Thankful for the gift of legacy

Advisor Benefits

Stronger client-family bonds

Acquire clients within the family

Increase client retention

Enthusiastic referrals

But Wait! There's More!

Training & Support

Content Marketing
& Resources

Branded Lead Gen

Differentiate and grow your practice.
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