Family elders want to
reminisce...with purpose

Allianz asked elders what's
most important to pass down.


Senior care providers fill this need
and prosper with our..

Reminiscing System


Turn Your Care Team Into Teachers

We’ll teach your care team how to provide families the tools they need to..

  • record their loved one’s stories while reminiscing with photos.

  • use the Legacy Stories Handbook to make reminiscing matter.

  • set up a Family Story Vault to preserve and share stories.

  • activate the Legacy Stories Reminiscence Program.

Your team will acquire a valuable skill as a ‘Certified StoryKeeper’ and place the task of recording where it belongs….with family members.

Upon completion of the 2-hour online course we’ll deliver a Certificate of Training and a Certified StoryKeeper lapel pin.


Unlimited Family Story Vaults

As families record their loved ones’ reminiscences you’ll ‘gift’ them a Family Story Vault in the archive ($349 value) to preserve and share these priceless stories.

See what’s possible with a Story Vault by watching the video below.

You’ll quickly learn how to set up a Story Vault and show family members the value of this gift of legacy. is the official archive of the Living Legacy Project with a mission to collect and preserve family stories that represent the greatest body of wisdom in history!

Branded Reminiscence Program

To get local and distant family members involved in collecting stories you’ll receive a branded webpage to register into our Legacy Stories Reminiscence Program.

Participants receive a new story prompt every Sunday morning inspiring them to build content in the Story Vault, while keeping you top of mind.

Also, you can promote your branded webpage with introductory video and signup form to generate high quality leads, and get all names and emails to nurture. We show you how.

Watch the introductory video above, which appears on your branded webpage!

Your Reminiscing System Also Includes;

Coaching Support

Personal or group
Zoom web coaching,
live chat and phone support.

Certified StoryKeeper
Online Course

Video tutorial training is the
result of 12+ years field testing,
interviewing 5,000+ elders, and
working with 800+ senior care providers.
Minimal tech ability required to become
a 'Certified StoryKeeper' in less than 2 hours!

Interactive Handbook

230+ questions, 'legacy letter'
templates, in a personalized
digital 'flipbook' format.

Everyone Wins by Providing this Service!

Clients & Families

  • Brings family members together in a meaningful way.

  • Restores the elder’s sense of purpose by passing on valuable family history.

  • Makes visitations more enjoyable, frequent and productive.

  • Lessens alpha-child’s time demand to keep the elder happy…alone.

  • Elder enjoys the family’s feedback on stories while they’re alive.

  • Reminiscing helps dementia patients emotionally and psychologically.

  • Families give loved ones a chance to be remembered and leave a legacy.

Elder Care Providers

  • Strengthen relationships with family members.

  • Differentiate in a crowded ‘me too’ market.

  • Dramatically increase referrals & retention.

  • Community outreach and publicity.

  • Appointment-setting group presentation.

  • Enhance the caregiver-client experience with purposeful interaction.

  • Minimum training, maximum impact, instant implementation.

  • Live chat, phone and web support.

Hospice Providers

  • Significantly increase volunteer recruiting with ‘Certified StoryKeeper’ in the job description.

  • Extend volunteer service longevity by as much as six months.

  • Increase donations with a constant reminder of service provided to families.

  • Encourage more frequent and meaningful family visits.

  • Show ALFs, SNFs and Memory Care providers your new value-add service.

  • Help volunteer caregivers meet HIPAA training requirements.

Lead-Generating Ideas for 'Gifting' a Family Story Vault

We'll print your name and 100% discount code on printable gift certificates

Holiday Season

Veterans Day

Mother’s Day

Father’s Day

Grandparent’s Day

Birthdays & Anniversaries


Group Audiences

Client Assimilation

Reminiscence Therapy

Nurture Referral Sources

Employee Recognition

Vendor Appreciation

Public Relations

Featured Caring Clients

"Absolutely love everything these tools
are doing for my families and for my business"

Gloria Musaga, Owner
ComfortKeepers in Columbia, MD.

Families Have the Need. You Should Fill It!

Reminiscing System

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"We live our lives looking ahead. We understand our lives looking back."

Dennis Stack, Co-Founder, Legacy Stories

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