The loss of a loved one is never easy. However, a funeral doesn’t have to be a somber memorial. Many people today are opting to remember loved ones through celebration of life gatherings or parties.

Celebration of life parties are more upbeat alternatives to the traditional funeral. They allow people to be more relaxed and in the moment. They are a way for family and friends to come together to remember and celebrate the loss of a loved one over food, laughter, and the sharing of memories. It’s a personal and uplifting occasion where tears and laughter are equally welcome.

How to Plan a Celebration of Life for Your Loved One

Many funeral homes offer venues to hold your celebration. These are typically in larger reception spaces. Some even offer customizations, allowing you to transform the space into a garden or more relaxed setting.

CelebrationAnother option is to hold the event outside. You can place photos, keepsakes, memory books, and other mementos from your loved one around the area and create a relaxed space for family and friends to share and remember.

In this type of setting, you can also incorporate catered food or have a potluck gathering. This type of atmosphere is traditionally more relaxed and will promote more of a celebration environment for those gathered.

During the celebration, you can also have music playing. Create a playlist of your loved one’s favorite music or hire a small group of musicians to play. You can also pause the festivities momentarily to make time for formal readings or to thank everyone for attending.

Place a memory book at the main table or at the event entry to allow guests to leave messages for the family. Add photos of your loved one and a framed “thank you” from the family to the table.

In this more informal celebration of life event setting, it’s not uncommon for family and friends to linger. This is part of what makes this type of option so appealing for many. It provides a safe place for family and friends to gather, mourne, and begin to heal together.

How to Preplan a Celebration of Life for Yourself

If you feel a celebration of life is the best option for your family and loved ones, you can always request it and take the steps to plan for it, just as you would with a traditional funeral. Include any specific requests for a venue, food, music, and other details with your attorney or financial planner to include in your will.

memory story bookYou can also include this information in the Legacy Stories Guidebook. The Memories From My Life Guidebook will not only provide you the ability to leave detailed requests about your celebration of life, but it will also give you the opportunity to capture and share memories and stories with your family.

When planning for your own celebration of life, you can also create a memory book or video that can be shared at the event.

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