Life Review System

Family elders want to pass down family stories!
Senior care providers increase retention and referrals
by giving families the tools they need to do it.

Super-charge your business as a
In just 6 Easy Steps!

Become an Ambassador

The mission of the Living Legacy Project is to collect and preserve the greatest body of wisdom in history.

We accomplish our mission by working with senior care providers and communities that significantly grow and retain their client/resident base as Ambassadors.

Ambassadors are licensed to use our powerful ’cause-marketing’ resources to differentiate by delivering self-guided family story tools that connect to the heart of the family.

In STEP 1 of the Life Review System, Ambassadors announce their affiliation with the Living Legacy Project by sharing the introductory video.

We’re deploying new Ambassadors every week. Watch the video and continue to STEP-2!

Meet the Family

STEP-2 is to invite family members to a private or group meeting with their loved one(s). We show you exactly what to do in our brief video tutorial.

For a high-acceptance rate your invitation includes a personalized gift card as an enticement to set up their Family Story Vault in the archive.

Simple enough, right? Continue to STEP-3.

Deliver the Story Vault is the official archive for the Living Legacy Project. Since 2008, our award-winning living history library has given families around the world a secure repository to collect, preserve and discriminately share their legacy stories.

Ambassadors use an explainer video to show a fully developed Story Vault, which elevates the value of your deliverable while building trust with the heart of the family.

You can create a Story Vault account in about three minutes. Watch the video then continue to STEP-4.

Deliver the Handbook

Step-4 is simply delivering an interactive guide that makes it easy for families to interview and record their loved one’s stories for the Story Vault.

This activity increases the frequency of family visitations, restore the elder’s a sense of purpose and helps strengthen memory by reminiscing….with purpose!

Your welcome message, photo, logo and contact information is viewed every time the handbook is used.

Ambassadors are licensed to distribute unlimited digital ‘flip’ handbooks for mobile devices, and families can download a pdf version for a ‘touch and feel’ option.

Just play a brief explainer video to further increase the value of your deliverables.

Easy enough right? Watch the video then continue to STEP-5.

Deliver the Reminiscence Program

STEP-5 is activating the Legacy Stories Reminiscence Program, which sends a story suggestion every Sunday morning by email.

These story prompts remind family members to visit loved ones to learn more about their past and record more stories while there.

Ambassadors are licensed to use and promote their branded web page with an explainer video and sign up form.

Not only will the program connect you to the extended family but it also serves as an effective lead generator because you receive the subscribers’ names and emails to nurture.

Simply play the video for the family to create another ‘wow’ moment and sign them up in your branded web form. Watch the video then continue to STEP-6.


From the start of the process all your messaging and tools are delivered altruistically, which makes people want to do business with you instead of your competitors.

In a single 1-hour family meeting they’ll know you care more about a family’s ‘heartstrings’ than their ‘pursestrings’, and they’ll feel indebted to you for the gift of legacy they’ve been given….at no cost!

And that’s why you close the meeting with your own version of this call-to-action:

“We became Ambassadors because this gave us the tools to help families give loved ones a chance to be remembered in their own words and personality….without any cost. And I love how I can bring families together in a positive way.¬†

With our ‘altruistic’ approach to senior care, we rely on people like you to introduce us to families who might soon need our service or perhaps make a change. Would you be willing to make some introductions for me?


In Less Than An Hour!

More Ambassador Resources

Group Presentation

Interview & Record

Strategic Coaching

With Your Gift Of Legacy!


Veterans Day

Mother’s Day

Father’s Day

Grandparent’s Day


Onboarding  Seniors

Reminiscing Group Activity

Senior Seminars & Workshops

Guest Speaker Presentations

Sales Incentives

Senior Care Networking


Ensure the Wisdom of Our Time
Is Preserved For All Time!


              • Life Review System Resources

              • Discounted Story Vaults for Families

              • Branded Handbooks

              • Branded Reminiscence Program Signup Web Page

              • Ambassador Group Presentation

              • Proprietary Interview & Recording Process

              • ImpleMentor Strategic Coaching


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