Step-by-Step Guide to
Capture the Family Narrative

LEGACY QUESTIONS– Select from over 230 legacy questions categorized by ancestors, childhood, teen years, young adult, marriage and family, business and career, faith and spirituality, wisdom, and a special section for veterans.

INTERVIEW AND RECORDING TIPS-  Learn how to conduct an engaging interview, considering the teller’s personality type, room setup, and more.

RECORDER MOBILE APP- Learn how to record stories with our free mobile app, which takes a picture of the teller, keepsake or photo, and records their unique voice, personality and dialect.

LEGACY ASSET CHECKLIST- Most of our special memories have been captured in family photos or saved as keepsakes. Reminiscing with these ‘legacy assets’ takes the stress out of storytelling, and the checklist helps you easily identify them.

LEGACY LETTERS- Write personal messages with our ‘legacy letter’ templates including, To My Children, To My Family, What I Am Most Grateful For, Causes I support, and others.

So Many Ways to Use the Handbook

FAMILY INTERACTION– When children or grandchildren visit have them ask you some of the legacy questions and record your stories. They’ll love it and you’ll leave a legacy!

THE GIFT OF LEGACY- Loved ones, colleagues, clients and prospects will remember your thoughtful gift on holidays, retirement, anniversaries, birthdays and milestones.

ONBOARDING- What better way to show new clients they made the right choice than to give them something that’s priceless.

SENIOR CARE- Increase family visits and interactions by reminiscing with their elder. Only this time reminisce with a purpose!

CLIENT APPRECIATION- Give your audience a memorable takeaway from your next seminar or group presentation.

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