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As each day goes by, we risk losing our family’s legacy stories — the individual tales, struggles, and lessons learned of the people who helped create the world as we know it today.

The Legacy Stories Archive allows you the opportunity to preserve family history by securely publishing photos, videos, and your life stories with your chosen family and friends.

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No one understands the details of your life’s story better than you. With your free Legacy Stories Archive account, you’ll be able to use photos, voice recordings, videos, and more to help tell the story of your life and preserve your family history. 

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Want to share your story with the world? Many of our members chose to do just that! As all files are uploaded to our archive, Legacy Stories Archive members are able to share and follow the stories of other members. You can even share content via email and social networks!

Sharing our family stories with others is a great opportunity to gain some perspective of the collective events and history that brought us to where we are now.  

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