General FAQs

Are you a non-profit organization?

We started that way but found that relying on volunteers slowed our ability to expand to the national and international stage, leaving too many families at risk of losing their elder’s wisdom. By providing financial incentives to professionals who can deliver the one-to-many effect, we are now a socially-conscious, for-profit entity, setting a new altruistic model that unites families, communities, businesses, and non-profits to make a significant impact on humanity. Everybody wins when we all unite to understand others in a divisive world!

What happens when my Ambassador license expires?

Annual Ambassador licenses are awarded for a period of one year and must be renewed. Should you decide not to renew your license, none of the tools you’ve given clients and their families will be affected. However, your 100% discount code for Story Vaults will be invalid going forward and your branded Reminiscence Program and Handbook URLs will be disabled. In all cases, we can easily re-activate your tools if you decide to renew at a later date.

With a financial hardship request we can finance the annual license to accommodate a monthly pay schedule. However, the monthly payment plan does require a 12-month minimum commitment.

Who can distribute the Ambassador tools with a single license?

The standard Ambassador license assigns a unique discount code,  branded handbooks, and Reminiscence Program URLs to a single advisor or provider. However, we offer enterprise licenses to accommodate multiple Ambassadors in a single location, and for regional, national, and international organizations. In all cases, enterprise licenses are infinitely more cost-effective, even if only a few people in a given office wish to be Ambassadors. Please call 423-295-5904 and we’ll negotiate a rate that works for you.

What happens to the Story Vault if I no longer serve the client and family?

Whether the user registered into the LegacyStories.org archive with your discount code or not, they own their Story Vault and all its content without restriction.

How Secure is a Story Vault?

You have complete control and ownership of your content. You can choose who can view your content with one of five audiences: Private, Only Family, Only Friends, Family and Friends, or the Public. Any critical information you may provide, like your credit card or social security number, is encrypted and not stored on our servers.

How is the LegacyStories.org archive financially sustained?

The archive is sustained by premium memberships, Ambassador licenses, and donations from members and non-members. With this support, we continue to secure the future of the Living Legacy Project and its platform. Thank you!

How do my heirs access my content after I die?

We encourage our members to get their “digital affairs” in order. To that end, you should make sure that your trusted successors have the login email and password to access your account (all online accounts). This information should also be placed in your living will or estate plan.

We provide a private Legacy Trustee page found in your profile account settings so that when a member passes away we can be contacted by the beneficiary or trustee and make arrangements for the transfer of access with the proper documentation. This information is kept totally private and not shared in any way.

Who owns the publishing rights to my content in the archive?

Simply put, you do. Our members always have complete control and ownership over the content they add or publish in Legacy Stories. Members who publish their content for public consumption grant non-exclusive publishing and promotional rights to Legacy Stories. We follow very strict Intellectual Property rules and prohibit anyone from posting content that they legally do not have a right to post.

Members indemnify Legacy Stories from any legal claims or liability. Please refer to our privacy policy for a more detailed explanation. Legacy Stories maintains the highest standards when complying with copyright laws.