Ambassador Course

46 students

Welcome to the Certified Ambassador Course!

Course flow and curriculum details:

  1. Course duration should take less than 4 hours total to complete.
  2. Start at Lesson 1.
  3. Take the quiz after each lesson before continuing.
  4. Follow practical application instructions carefully.
  5. Save all downloads for reference and later use.
  6. Upon completion, follow the instructions to receive your Certified Ambassador print-ready certificate.
  7. Submit questions you may have to We’ll respond in 12 hours or less, usually within an hour or two.


  1. Take notes as you watch each tutorial video as it will make it easier to take the quizzes.
  2. Set aside uninterrupted time to stay focused throughout the course.
  3. Try completing the course in one sitting.

Click ‘Continue’ to start Lesson 1!


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