Your clients want to pass down
their family stories!

Tis the season to give them a
'Family StoryVault'!

What is a StoryVault?

Since 2008, our award-winning archive has been uniting families for the Living Legacy Project, a global initiative to preserve the greatest body of wisdom in history.

A lifetime StoryVault membership in the archive includes:

  • Unlimited media storage and content features for life.

  • Compose, preserve and share legacy stories in multi-media.

  • Discriminately share with five different audiences.

  • Narrate legacy photos in multi-media slideshows.

  • Record oral histories and preserve digitized audios.

  • Collaborate in family groups (offices).

  • Search the ‘public’ archives for legacy stories, audios, photos and groups.

  • Multi-redundant security on the AWS cloud.

  • All of this and more for a one-time payment.  

'Gift' the most valuable people in your life

Family & Friends

A-List Clients

Family StoryKeepers

Elders in Care

The reaction from clients has far exceeded my expectations
so I ordered more for holiday gifts.

Colleen M. (Estate Planning Attorney)

Over 70% off the Standard Story Vault Rate!

(ONE StoryVault is NORMALLY $349)


Per StoryVault

1- 4








Get Unlimited StoryVaults
One-Year License
Only $1475!

FACT: Family elders want to pass down family stories!

A survey by Allianz asked boomers and their parents to rank their inheritance priorities.

Turns out these family elders want to pass down their life lessons, experiences and values more than anything else. That’s where you come in.

As families gather for the holidays, it’s the ideal time to show your appreciation for A-list clients, loved ones, friends, colleagues and employees.

Imagine their reaction when they open your ‘memorable’ gift of a StoryVault in the archive so they can collect, preserve and share the family narrative!


You can discriminately share your content with five different audiences:

  1. Completely private

  2. Only Family who are in your profile’s ‘Family’ network

  3. Only Friends who are in your profile’s ‘Friends’ network

  4. Family & Friends

  5. Public Archive

You choose the audience for each individual story, slideshow or recording, and easily change audiences at any time. You can even choose a date in the future to publish a story.

You own and control all of your content. When you publish stories into the ‘Public’ archives we reserve a non-exclusive right to display and promote your content for public consumption.

The archive is hosted on the Amazon cloud with server farms on all continents. This provides us with multiple-redundancy backup that can be restored to 24 hours prior to the incident.

The archive is ‘https’ encrypted with the same security level as NASA and Netflix. Our servers are monitored 24/7 and continually updated with the latest anti-virus, spam and malware utilities.

The archive is financially supported by the generosity of corporate sponsors, business clients, premium memberships, and Legacy Concierge services.

We encourage our members to get their “digital affairs” in order. To that end, you should make sure that your trusted successors have the login email and password to access to your account (all online accounts).

This information should also be placed in your living will or estate plan. We provide a Beneficiary section, found in the profile account settings, so that when a member passes away we can be contacted by the beneficiary or trustee and make arrangements for the transfer of access with the proper documentation. This information is kept totally private and not shared in any way.

For basic help, our Mentor Center provides a set of brief video tutorials for each aspect of the archive. You can also get help with live chat or email support.

However, when the need arises for help in all aspects of legacy planning and story development, you can find an expert in our Legacy Concierge Directory for services like:

  • Genealogical research

  • Media digitization

  • Memoir writing and editing

  • Audio transcription

  • Audio/video editing and production

  • Video or audio biographies

  • Holistic estate and legacy planning

  • Eldercare reminiscence therapy

…..and more.

We started out that way but converted to a socially-conscious for-profit entity, setting a new holistic model that unites families, communities, businesses and non-profits to make a positive impact on humanity. Everybody wins when we all unite as families in a divisive world!

Of course you can. It’s a great way to learn more than what is shown in the StoyVault video on this page, and to ask questions and discuss other opportunities. Just use our appointment scheduler to find a time that’s convenient for you.

Or, you can call us at 423-295-5904 (mon-sat, 9am-6pm est)

We’ll provide you with a unique discount code to be used for the number of StoryVaults you purchased.

You can also download our gift certificate template with areas to write your name, title, and unique discount code, or use your own.

We’ll send your unique discount code with one business day after purchase.

Featured Clients and Partners

How valuable are your A-list clients and loved ones?

(Standard Story Vault Rate: $349!)


Per Client









Get Unlimited StoryVaults
One-Year License
Only $1475!

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