Become A Chartered Legacy Advocate and Join the Legacy Professionals Network

The Chartered Legacy Advocate Program is an Opportunity for Wealth Advisors and Estate Planning Attorneys

to recruit new clients and strengthen client relations.

Our Program equips you to:

✓  Build Relations with your client’s adult children and extended family

✓ Differentiate your services with legacy planning

✓ Increase referrals and revenue

Work Smarter With Continued Education

Gain Access To

Legacy Talks®, our e-newsletter sent every two weeks
Two FREE mentoring sessions on effective sales and legacy planning
Our podcast library from Legacy Experts
Advocate Resources
Interview with Advocate

Client Materials

Generate new clients and referrals with group presentations or use individual client presentations on Why Legacy Matters.

Differentiate your advisory services by helping clients establish their family legacy using Legacy Stories services and Guidebook.

Industry Networking

Join our quarterly Zoom conference on legacy planning best practices.

It’s an easy way to stay up to date with the latest information and help you make group presentations that convert new clients.

Advocate Resource
Advocate Resources


The program offers an online course for the Chartered Legacy Advocate designation.   Additionally, the program resources include video tutorials, client tools, and documents to differentiate your services and recruit new clients.

Deepen your client relations with legacy planning.

Benefits for Your Business

Build client family relations
Increases likelihood the family will retain you as Advisor after the primary account holder passes away.    Sadly only 13% of affluent investors use the same financial advisor as their parents.
Obtain new clients
Generate high-quality referrals
Deepen client relations and become the Trusted Family Advisor

Benefits for Your Clients

Clients can preserve the past, enrich the present, and inspire future generations
Results in greater generational cohesion and continuity of family values
Clients receive tools and guidance to build their Legacy Assets – their history, life lessons, and values.

Legacy Professionals Network

Your Professional Services

Legacy Talks Digest

Legacy experts e-newsletter, sent every two weeks

  • Tips on extending family relations
  • How to engage in legacy conversations
  • Building your legacy consulting practice

Legacy Mentor Sessions

  • Quarterly interactive peer discussions
  • Learn and apply best practices

Expert Webinars

  • Learn from successful wealth advisors
  • Quarterly webinars from industry experts
  • Recorded for later viewing

Experts Podcast Library

  • Full access to the podcast library
  • Expert advice on strengthening your client relations

Legacy Guidebook

  • 100 free copies (valued at $60 each)
  • Valuable client workbook for end of life and legacy planning

$75 Billed Monthly

Join the Legacy Professionals Network

Chartered Legacy Advocate

Your Advocate Services

Enrollment in the Chartered Legacy Advocate Training

  • Around 2 hours of videos plus documents to read
  • Can be completed in less than 4 hours

Receive Certification as Chartered Legacy Advocate

  • Retain certification as a member of the Legacy
    Professionals Network


  • Expert consulting on how to implement legacy planning

Client Marketing Materials and Advocate Resources

  • Client Recruiting
  • Content for Client Communications

One time fee - $400

Sign up to be a Chartered Legacy Advocate

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