Legacy Stories is focused on helping families to preserve their family histories before they are lost. Sometimes families need help crafting their stories. This is where a StoryKeeper comes in.

Our StoryKeepers help families to immortalize the stories, memories, and lessons that are at the core of each unique family’s history. This family narrative is captured and preserved so it can be shared with generations to come.

Legacy Stories is currently looking for freelance writers and videographers who want to join our team of StoryKeepers. Become a StoryKeeper and along with the satisfaction of producing a legacy memoir for families, you’ll also earn a great income on your client projects.

Become a StoryKeeper and Grow Your Freelance Business

Legacy Stories takes a straightforward approach towards preserving family stories. Using photos, videos, and handwritten notes, we preserve the stories, memories, and lessons of people before they are lost. Their unique voice conveys an autobiographical account that provides a living legacy for generations to come.

As a Professional StoryKeeper, you are responsible for working with clients to help craft a story that will preserve their life lessons, achievements, and experiences. The result will be a treasured digital legacy book or a short biography video.

StoryKeeper Legacy StoriesWhat are the benefits of becoming a Professional StoryKeeper? You’ll be able to grow your business without the cost of advertising. You’ll also become connected to each of the families you work with as you discover their stories and help to craft a stunning digital book or video of their legacy.

To become a certified StoryKeeper, Legacy Stories will provide training on how to interview clients to prepare a powerful and cherished digital book or video based on our Legacy Story standards.

Legacy Stories will manage the marketing, client support, and fulfillment of all products so you can stay focused on the clients.

Ready to Learn More About Becoming a StoryKepper?

Join us on February 23rd at 12:00 pm EST at our free StoryKeeper webinar session. During the session, we’ll answer all your questions and share more about what it means to be a Legacy Stories StoryKeeper.

We look forward to meeting you at the webinar!


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