When you know a client's 8 core values you get
100% of their business and 4.1 introductions!

(Source: Client Relationship Study by Forbes Contributor, Russ Alan Prince)

Look at some of the benefits you
and the families you serve will enjoy...

      • Strengthen intergenerational relationships

      • Acquire A-list clients and keep them indefinitely

      • Unite generations in a common purpose

      • Preserve & transfer family values & legacy stories

      • Create an honored family legacy that lasts

      • Enjoy the impact of the family legacy today

      • Generate a recurring revenue stream

      • Personal implementation guidance & support


Your clients will enjoy these lifetime benefits
in the archive...

  • Unlimited multi-media stories and chapters

  • Unlimited narrated legacy photos and slideshows

  • Unlimited audio recordings and playlists

  • Unlimited legacy groups to join or create

  • Mentor Center video tutorials for convenient learning

  • Legacy Trustee section for authorized access

  • Client-controlled content viewing options

  • Encrypted security on the Amazon cloud with triple redundancy backup …and much, much more!

Win your clients' loyalty for life by giving them
a lifetime 'LegacyMaker' portfolio!

Imagine your clients’ and prospects’ reactions when you ‘gift’ them a LegacyMaker portfolio in our platform. Showing you care more about family values than valuables differentiates you and instills instant trust. 

Better still, your Ambassador Program includes LegacyMaker portfolios for less than 10% of the retail rate. You’ll not only have a low cost, high value-add benefit for your clients, but you can also use LegacyMaker portfolios as incentives to convert prospects into clients or to lure competitors into your practice.

Capture your clients’ and prospects’ values system in a single ‘Legacy Talk’ interview.

The Ambassador Program shows you how in only 42-minutes. You’ll learn…..

  • the 4 stages of an effective Legacy Talk interview

  • the right questions to elicit values and life lessons

  • how to record the interview for posterity

  • how to get heirs involved

You’ll also get…

  • Legacy Talk and Business Succession interview questions

  • sample copy to invite clients to your Legacy Talk interview

  • sample scripts to convert prospects and generate introductions

Simply upload the interview recording to the client’s ‘LegacyMaker’ portfolio to begin building the family’s most valuable legacy asset…their story!

Your Ambassador Program also comes with
interactive Legacy Stories Handbooks!

One of the most valuable documents your clients need in their estate plan, the Legacy Stories Handbook is an interactive guide to build the family legacy with…

Legacy Questions– Select from over 230 legacy questions categorized by ancestors, childhood, teen years, young adult, marriage and family, business and career, faith and spirituality, wisdom, and a special section for veterans.

Legacy Asset Checklist- Most of our special memories have been captured in family photos or saved as keepsakes. Reminiscing with these ‘legacy assets’ takes the stress out of storytelling, and the checklist helps you easily identify them.

Ethical Will- Write an Ethical Will with ‘legacy letter’ templates including, To My Children, To My Family, What I Am Most Grateful For, Causes I support, and others.

Interview & Recording Tips- Learn how to conduct an engaging interview, considering the teller’s personality type, room setup, and much more!

These handbooks are not only powerful tools of engagement but they also make memorable gifts. 

We’ll co-brand the handbooks with your personal welcome message, photo, company logo and contact information, which appears on the inside cover.

As boomers enter their 'legacy years'
demand for legacy guidance is rapidly increasing

Take a look at this survey by the Allianz Academy of Legacies.

When boomers were asked to prioritize their inheritance assets they clearly prefer passing down family stories and life lessons over financial assets. Yet, very few have added the these legacy assets to their estate plan.

This presents a well-timed opportunity to offer first step guidance that builds trust, loyalty and expands your client base!

If you want to add immeasurable value to your practice or start a purpose-driven business, the LLP Ambassador Program is your best transformational option.


Watch the video now!

Attract prospects like a magnet by aligning with
a cause that places values above valuables!

The Living Legacy Project (LLP) is a cause that helps build and preserve family legacies.

The Ambassador Program includes a one-of-a-kind suite of cause-marketing tools of engagement that sets appointments with prospects and converts them to clients…..just for starters.

To help explain your Ambassador role you’ll have our LLP introductory video to share with your social networks, play from your phone or in group presentations.

Expand and enrich your client base with rich legacy content
and cause marketing strategies with the 'Legacy Talk Digest'

Every two weeks the Legacy Talk Digest sends you…

  • Fascinating legacy content to enhance your social media marketing and differentiate your practice

  • Cause marketing resources to reach a variety of audiences such as ethnic, cultural, social, faith-based, and business groups

  • an appointment-setting Living Legacy Project group presentation

  • Legacy Café podcast interviews to expand your legacy expertise and inspire your social networks.

  • Video tutorials to grow your business from the ground up

  • Family interaction strategies that generate new clients in the archive

The Legacy Talk Digest is the only publication expressly designed to expand and share your legacy knowledge and experience, elevate your community persona, attract qualified prospects and much more! 

Attract and engage prospects and clients
with a co-branded lead generator webpage

The Ambassador Program is all about acquiring, retaining and enriching a quality client base, and all three happen with your personalized Legacy Stories Reminiscence Program web page.

Reminisce With Purpose- Our award-winning Reminiscence Program is designed to educate and motivate people to start writing or recording their legacy stories by reminiscing with purpose.

Weekly Story Prompts- Your clients and prospects receive one legacy question, by email, every Sunday morning to keep the topic of legacy top of mind. 

Co-branded Signup Page- To register clients and prospects into the program, you’ll receive a co-branded webpage with your logo, and an introductory video and signup form.

Lead Generator- Your personalized signup webpage is an engaging lead generator and community outreach vehicle. 

Promote your webpage in emails, newsletters, social media, blogs, etc. We provide you with sample copy to invite clients, prospects and/or groups to learn about and register into the program. 

You get all the names and email addresses for nurturing and inviting to a Legacy Talk.


Add a recurring revenue stream by helping
build your client's Family Legacy Museum.

The Family Legacy Coaching System provides all the tools and resources you need to deliver this valuable service at an attractive rate.

You’ll learn how to set regularly scheduled sessions that can continue for years!

When people look for legacy-building assistance
they'll find you in our Legacy Concierge Directory!

Ambassadors receive a listing in the Legacy Concierge Directory so when archive members and visitors look for professionals to serve their legacy needs they’ll know our listings align with their values.

As you learn more about a client’s legacy stories and assets you may want to provide assistance with a variety of other legacy needs such as…

  • scanning or restoring family photos

  • writing or editing a memoir

  • transferring old media to digital format

  • video or audio editing

  • genealogy and family history research

  • preserving legacy keepsakes and heirloom

  • estate and financial planning

  • elder care and law

  • and more

Our Legacy Concierge Service provides many of these services in-house, and we also have close relationships with hundreds of legacy specialists in North America to serve every possible need.

Grow and sustain a profitable practice
with these business fundamentals!

Our Legacy Labs business series was developed to help startups and going concerns implement the essentials for a successful business.

These powerful video webinars are a product of the International Association of StoryKeepers (I-ASK), our global network of Legacy Advisors.  You’ll learn how to…

  • craft your vision statement

  • set S.M.A.R.T. goals and make them stick

  • the keys to building an effective email list

  • get the most out of your time

  • the best email marketing strategies

  • attract high quality visitors to your website……and more!

  • develop your value statement (elevator pitch)

  • build your referral $$$$ machine…..and more!


'ImpleMentor' strategy sessions get immediate
results for your Ambassador Program

Take advantage of over a decade of experience in the legacy space. We’ll schedule private ‘ImpleMentor’ web sessions at your convenience to get your Ambassador Program up and running quickly and in short order.

After your initial orientation, we can help transform your practice in myriad ways. You’ll never be alone and you can always reach us by email, live chat and phone.

In short, we’ll be your firm’s legacy arm that perfectly complements whatever client acquisition/retention strategy and platform you now have in place.

Get your share of the new legacy industry
while you can still differentiate.

Bank of America/Merrill-Lynch funded a 3-year study to determine the four most important pillars that define a lasting legacy. The report confirmed the Allianz findings with life lessons and values being the first of the four pillars.

More importantly, the report revealed that, after family members, boomers prefer trusted advisors to start the legacy conversation and help take the first steps.

That is EXACTLY what the Ambassador Program does!

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When you know a client's 8 core values you earn
100% of their business and 4.1 Introductions!

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