About Us

Our Motivation: Preserve Family History

What if you could preserve family history and hear it through the voices of those who lived it? Just imagine listening to your grandmother’s unique voice as she tells you about her wedding back in 1930. Or hearing your granddad tell you about the challenges that come with trying to feed his family during the Great Depression.

While these stories teach us about the past, they provide far more for us when told by those we love. They fill a deep yearning we all have. What we yearn for is a connection. Hearing our loved ones talk about their lives and what was important to them completes that connection.

When we experience the stories of our family in this way, I think we rekindle a connection with our family’s history.

Family Reading Guidebook

Our Legacy Story

Legacy Stories was founded in 2008 by two gentlemen, Tom Cormier of Tennessee and Dennis Stack of Arizona. Their desire was to preserve family history through the stories of ordinary people.

How do we achieve that? Legacy Stories takes a simple approach to preserve the voices of family storytellers. Then we add photos, videos, and handwritten notes. The result is an autobiographical account told through their unique voice that provides a sense of accomplishment and connection to their life.

Our new CEO, Charles Napier, is a graduate of the University of Virginia, with an MBA at Northwestern University.  His career is full of incorporating innovation with large corporations such as Amazon.com and start-ups in the digital sector.

We believe EVERYONE deserves to be remembered!